Hi Ted, I Gave the 51 GMC pick up to Kathy for her birthday as planned.  She was thrilled.  She loves it!  Just wanted to thank you again for all your help in making this special gift possible. 

Thanks again!                    Keith G. Norwalk, Ct

I bought a car from Ted. Smooth transaction no surprises. Straight shooter in my book. 


How to Choose Your Project Car


Classic Cars for Driving or Showing
First, you want to decide whether you are looking for a driver, a car that you can get out and drive on the weekends and not be worried about stone chips, or a true collector car, something that you are going to take to shows and want in perfect original condition.

Classic Car Maintenance
You also want to consider maintenance costs. While a lot of people will look at something like a mid-year Ferrari and say, Wow, I can own a Ferrari for thirty thousand dollars, the maintenance costs for that car could easily be ten thousand dollars a year. Whereas by comparison, if you look at a classic muscle car that seems expensive compared to a Ferrari, maybe forty or fifty thousand dollars, they are quite simple cars and the maintenance can be relatively cheap. There are great resources out there. If you go to Wikipedia or any of the owners' forums for those cars, you can often find the history and the range of models, and what changed over the years.

Classic Car Modifications
You also want to look at what has been done to the car -- if it has any modifications, are they modifications that are tasteful, and improve the value of the car and improve the driveability. This is a great example. This is a 1973 Bronco, and we restored this car and went through everything. We painted it, we went through the drive train, we upgraded the brakes, wheels and tires. And we did a lot of things that are period-correct upgrades that people did back in the time, but still look really cool today.